Everything at a glance - clear and fast

The Kloeckner Part Manager simplifies the administration of your contracts.

Kloeckner Metals Part Manager is used by US customers to manage their contracts. You can retrieve material from existing contracts and view details of current and historical retrievals.

With the Kloeckner Metals Part Manager you have an overview of materials and stocks for agreed contracts. You will find all relevant details of current or historical call-offs and plan your future requirements with the help of the tool. The Part Manager is the result of extensive cooperation between US customers, customer advisors and kloeckner.i. The result is an intuitive tool that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of its users.

Advantages of the Part Manager:

  • all Kloeckner contracts at a glance
  • control of individual material stocks, current call-offs and shipping data
  • upload of material requirements via Excel file and retrieval of corresponding contracts with just a few clicks
  • insight into forecasted and historical material requirements
  • comfortable use on smartphone, tablet or PC
  • integrated step-by-step explanation for an easy introduction