kloeckner.i Vision

kloeckner.i combines over a hundred years of experience in international steel distribution with a strictly customer centric, agile approach to work known to start ups.

We envision a fully digitalised steel and metal industry, which grants transparency and allows efficient cooperation between all marketplace merchants.

kloeckner.i consulting

Take advantage of our services to lead your company on the path towards digitalisation. Benefit from our experience as the digital flagship to global steel and metal distributor Kloeckner & Co.

From consulting, analysis, strategy, plan of action, to implementation - our digital experts will help you reach your digital milestones.

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The marketplace - a unique platform and solution for Kloeckner

Sell steel, metal or complementary products via the Kloeckner Marketplace. Take advantage of Kloeckner & Co’ wide customer base that stretches across 6 countries and sell your B2B products via our online shop. We have already successfully onboarded over 30 merchants.

Develop your digital sales strategy with us and profit from our expertise in B2B ecommerce.