kloeckner.i combines more than 100 years of the Klöckner Group’s experience with the cutting-edge, user-friendly concepts that have created Silicon Valley’s success.

The combination of our entrepreneurial ambition with Klöckner’s industrial expertise and financial resources allows us to create lasting value for our customers and suppliers.

Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping
kloeckner.i is developing extremely useful and time-saving high-speed digital products and services. To start off, we apply “Design Thinking.” We go to the customer’s location to uncover the difficulties in collaborating with us, and we develop initial solutions using the “Rapid Prototyping” procedure.

We use scribbles or click dummies to quickly test all prototypes.

As a general rule, we only implement solutions that are directly perceived as useful.

Minimum Viable Products
If prototype feedback is positive we develop and further refine the concept. The result is a minimum viable product (MVP). In other words, it’s a practical solution that only covers the key functions at first.

So we provide customers and suppliers with new, innovative tools that they can use directly in their day-to-day work.

Rollout & Digital Marketing
Once we have confirmed an MVP’s customer benefits, efficiency, and income-generating potential, we expand it step by step into a comprehensive digital solution, and then we make a Group-wide rollout and provide digital marketing expertise.

Lastly, we provide first-class support so that our products and services can unleash their maximum potential for our customers and suppliers.

We are moving ahead with the complete digitization of our supply and value chains.
With a clear focus, innovative ideas, and user-friendly solutions. Every interaction with Klöckner will become simpler and faster.