Automated data flow with the Klöckner API.

With the Klöckner API, you exchange information from your system environment directly with us. Different data sources are linked with each other, thus enabling automation of your processes. Klöckner product data and price information, among other things, are provided via the API connection. You can place orders with Klöckner directly from your system.

Duplicate entries into your ERP system or other manual work are avoided with API use. Sources of error are eliminated, costs are saved and data processing and administration are simplified.

Create your API on demand, entirely according to your wishes and needs and connect your websites, applications, programs as well as those of your suppliers and customers with each other. Benefit from increased efficiency. Let us advise you today. We help you to find the optimal solution.

Advantages of the Klöckner API:

  • Real-time import of prices and product information into your own software
  • Creation of own applications based on the Klöckner API
  • Direct orders from your own ERP system at Klöckner
  • Production of interfaces e.g. between your own warehouse management, API and customers
  • Integration of commodity documents and prices

Klöckner API is available for you in the following countries: