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Your direct connection to Kloeckner

Kloeckner Direct - the individual 1:1 e-commerce solution.

Kloeckner Direct was developed in close cooperation with our US customers to make the ordering process for you as efficient and simple as possible.

We were able to optimize material search and research, ordering processes, stock information queries and communication with sales and customer service employees to such an extent that you as a Kloeckner customer have a Direct solution at your disposal that significantly streamlines your work processes.

Direct illustrates our clear customer-focused business approach. You can immediate process adjustments at your company and reduce your workload. Direct gives you access to our online product catalogue. This allows you to search by material type, shape and dimensions, additionally query current stocks and warehouse information, place orders, comment on them or check current offers - and all this directly in the Kloeckner Direct tool.

Advantages of Kloeckner Direct:

  • optimization and more efficient design of your ordering processes
  • online product catalogue view, simplified material search and research, inventory query, offer verification, ...
  • ordering directly in Kloeckner Direct with just one click
  • intuitive usability
  • direct account manager contact