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With our solutions we digitalize the ordering and production processes of the steel and metal industry. In this way, we ensure a transparent flow of information between all market partners involved. We not only offer efficient solutions, but also focus on application orientation.

Industry Portal

Online Shop:
The Klöckner Online Shop is a state-of-the art e-commerce solution that provides all product information as well as configurable processing options, availability, delivery times and dynamic, customer-specific prices calculated by our internally developed pricing algorithm.

Via the Klöckner marketplace, as part of the online shop, marketplace partners offer products that complement the Klöckner range. By offering complementary products via third-party suppliers, we aim to provide a one-stop shopping experience for our customers.

Contract Portal:
The Klöckner Contract Portal supplies all relevant information concerning your contracts in one place, at first glance. It is the digital hub for the industry-specific contract business. Customers can review their contracts, release orders and request new contracts 24/7.

Kloeckner Assistant

Kloeckner Assistant is an artificial intelligence project that helps Klöckner & Co customers become digital customers without altering their procurement processes.

In the future, customers will still be able to send quotation requests or orders to Klöckner by e-mail, fax or phone and receive an offer or order confirmation in real time.

This fully automated processing will not only significantly reduce manual labor, but it also considerably accelerates the entire ordering process, from quotation request through offer preparation to order placement.

Status quo: Kloeckner Assistant automatically scans e-mailed PDF orders, extracts relevant information, matches it to the data in our ERP system and displays the results.

Within minutes, sales reps can then send order confirmations to our customers.

Kloeckner Integrations

A variety of interfaces allow our customers and other stakeholders to access our solutions.

Kloeckner application programming interface (API) connects the Industry Portal to third-party systems and automates the ordering process.
Electronic data interchange (EDI) enables communication between ERP systems and thus automates core business transactions as well as the exchange of information.
The Open catalogue interface (OCI) saves operational time for our customers by automatically transferring purchase orders from the Industry Portal to their ERP systems.

Kloeckner Match

Suppliers, distributors and customers use different article numbers and terms for the same product. This lack of standardization is a major challenge to digitalizing the supply chain in the steel industry. Now, we have the solution:

Kloeckner Match! uses artificial intelligence to search and ultimately match product information. This paves the way for further digitalization efforts, as it allows us to process data between and beyond systems.
First use case: Kloeckner Assistant