Cutting Edge against the Status Quo

The conventional steel trade is under pressure due to over-capacity, intense competition, wide fluctuations in steel prices, and fragmented markets. One fix for these issues is greater efficiency through rapid, decisive, and user-friendly digitization of supply and service chains, creating lasting value for our customers and suppliers.

Analogue is outdated

In the steel industry, the information flow through the supply and service chain is inefficient. Customers still primarily use phones and faxes to submit orders, as they have for decades. End-to-end digital order and process management systems are still not common.

The result is a disregard for steel-users’ demands. Steel and metal products are moved too often and too much time passes between production and delivery to the customer.

The delay not only produces substantial logistics costs, but also necessitates higher inventory levels and results in high capital commitment.

Digital is better

Klöckner’s objective is to fully digitize the supply and service chain. We are thus in the process of revolutionizing the unprofitable business models currently used in the steel trade.

kloeckner.i bundles all digitization-oriented projects and initiatives at the core of the startup scene in Berlin. kloeckner.i controls the development and international implementation of all digital solutions and uses Silicon Valley concepts such as “Design Thinking” and “Lean Startup”.

Depending on the task at hand, kloeckner.i will set up teams of customers, external partners, and employees from various Klöckner divisions. We also use the entire Group’s internal resources and process-related expertise. Thanks to intelligent marketing, we increase visibility of our products both online and offline – both as an MVP and fully expanded service portfolio.

kloeckner.i catalyzes and coordinates innovation management in the Group. However, we want to do more; in fact, kloeckner.i works with the startup scene to continually generate new ideas for lasting customer and supplier value.