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Sage 100 Kloeckner Module

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The Sage 100 Kloeckner Module is an ERP solution which allows a direct connection to the Kloeckner ordering system. Sage 100 coordinates business processes and integrates these to create one uniform system.

Sage 100 optimises and automates your management processes for areas including purchasing, distribution, merchandise management and production. With this additional Kloeckner module you can amongst others receive information on stock availability and current prices, thus enabling you to make more informed decisions when ordering materials.

Benefits of Sage 100 Kloeckner Module:

  • More transparency and an automatic exchange of information
  • Efficient processes which increase your competitive edge
  • Transparent insights into current purchasing conditions

The Sage 100 Kloeckner Module simplifies communication with suppliers and customers, increasing both quality and efficiency of your company.