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This product is available in the following countries:

With the Kloeckner Direct Tool, US customers are granted transparency in terms of stock availability at specific branches and may demand offers from sales representatives.

The Direct tool was created in close collaboration with our US colleagues and customers, and therefore mirrors their specific needs and expectations. The Direct tool is organised as a catalogue, displaying the availably of products at relevant stock holding facilities. Customers utilize the Direct tool to inquire about prices and are then supplied with individual offers by their sales representatives.

Benefits of Kloeckner Direct:

  • Available anywhere and anytime
  • Individual prices without a minimum order value
  • Simple and intuitive in operation
  • Direct contact with your sales representative

In the US, Kloeckner Direct is already successfully in operation and contributes to the notion of uniform prices across all American products and services. In order to continuously boost the digitalisation of the steel industry to improve and develop our products, we work in close collaboration with our US colleagues and customers.