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Contract Portal

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The Kloeckner Contract Portal supplies all relevant information concerning your contracts in one place, at first glance. Look up your information and make changes online with the simple click of a button.

By utilizing contracts, you enable your company to organize stock and price calculations in advance. Our Contract Platform contains all information concerning your contracts and processes in a digitalised format. This way you have the ability to oversee and amend current and historical contracts as well as other relevant information anytime.

Benefits of the Contract Portal:

  • Oversee and alter current and historical contracts anytime
  • Individualised contract selection
  • Access contracts immediately
  • Request follow up contracts
  • Information can easily be downloaded as an excel
  • Friendly customer service

Using the Contract Portal is intuitive and requires no installation of additional software.


Contract management has always cost a lot of time in our company. Thanks to the new Kloeckner contract platform we can now view every important information about our contracts at a glance, at any time. The platform is clear and very easy to use. We could even start new release orders directly out of the portal, when necessary."

Petr Vokal - Sales – CNC at Kohout