kloeckner.i GmbH
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10115 Berlin


Together with our Kloeckner API interface, exchanging data between your system and Kloeckner has never been easier. Our API allows you to create your own tools and applications for a personalised order management.

Kloeckner API is an interface, which allows you to connect your webpage, applications, programmes, suppliers and customers any way you want. You can organise your API according to your personal preferences.

Benefits of Kloeckner API:

  • Transferring prices and products in real time to your own system
  • Create personalised applications
  • Send orders from your ERP system directly to Kloeckner
  • Develop interfaces between your stock, API and customers
  • Integrate documents and prices with ease

The Kloeckner API connects data of different origins thus enabling the automation of processes. Become a part of our beta programme and be one of the first to use the Kloeckner API.