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kloeckner.i stands for the digitalisation of the steel industry. Against the status quo.

With the aid of our digital tools we are revolutionising order and delivery processes in the steel industry. This way we grant a transparent flow of information between all relevant actors in the supply chain. Not only do we want to provide our customers and suppliers with quick and efficient solutions, but more importantly, we want to make practicability and intuitiveness the focus of our work.

Through a deep understanding of the industry and extensive digital knowhow we have been able to successfully realise and rollout a number of projects companywide.

How it all began

Analog is outdated. The flow of information within the steel industry’s delivery and value chain is highly inefficient: Customers continue to order predominantly via telephone or fax. There are no signs suggesting the usage of one continuous digital order and management process. As a result, production levels never seems to meet customer demands. A need to store and relocate steel products emerges, which prolongs the time between production and final delivery. Such inefficiencies drastically increase logistical expenses and force stockholders to stack large amounts of product causing tie-ups in capital.