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The supply and service chain in the steel and metal industry is highly inefficient. To this day, some transactions are carried out by telephone or fax. A continuous digital order and production management is rarely available. In order to eliminate these inefficiencies at all levels of the supply and service chain, the digitalization of the steel and metal industry is inevitable.


We think against the status quo.


Inspired by his time in Silicon Valley, Gisbert Rühl, CEO of Klöckner & Co SE, initiated the foundation of the internal innovation hub in Berlin - kloeckner.i GmbH - in 2014.

The foundation for the digitalization of Klöckner & Co and the entire industry was laid. Starting in the coworking space "betahaus" with 2 employees, today around 90 developers, data analysts, online marketing experts and product managers work on digital tools and their marketing. With the Klöckner Onlineshop and the Klöckner marketplace as an integrated platform solution, the contract portal, ERP solutions, interfaces for company-internal merchandise management systems and many other solutions, we are meeting the goal of digitalizing the steel and metal industry.


We create added value for our customers.


Since 2019, as kloeckner.i consulting, we have been offering companies the opportunity to benefit from our many years of experience. We advise industry independent and cover different digitalization topics - from B2B e-commerce, cultural change to the development of different digital tools. We at kloeckner.i support companies in digital change.


Focus of our actions, our customers.