For the sake of planning reliability, many customers sign contracts with us. These establish the prices for certain quantities that can be or have to be ordered within a given period.

Using the customary process, monitoring available quantities and the remaining duration of contracts can all be very time-consuming – both for our customers as well as for our marketing team.

Several phone calls and many emails are needed between the initial request and delivery of the last remaining order and our marketing department has to set the current interim inventory quantity for every customer order.

Using the new platform, we are digitizing the entire process. Our customers can view all relevant information about their contract position status directly online.

In addition to ongoing contracts, customers can also view delivery contracts under way.

All data can be imported into Excel and further processed in the customers’ systems. Another highlight is the efficient search and filter functions. Furthermore, products can be retrieved directly from the platform and expiring contracts can be extended to ensure continuous supply.