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Digitalisation, e-business, agility, new work, AI …! Is your company prepared for the challenges of today?

kloeckner.i, innovation hub and digital flagship of the global steel and metal distributor Kloeckner & Co SE is transforming the steel industry – agile, smart, innovative.

We develop holistic digital tools, foster companywide cultural change and implement new ecommerce solutions that make Kloeckner & Co a digital pioneer within its industry.

Benefit from our digital know how and years of expertise. Independent of industry, we can guide your company towards digitalisation.

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Our consulting services

Digital Business Quickstarter

What is special about the digital transformation at Kloeckner & Co? Why do we perform better than others? Learn from kloeckner.i digital natives and discover what it means to drive digitalisation in an industrial context.

Digital Maturity Check

Foster digital transformation within your company. Benefit from the expertise we have built over years of experience. We offer an analysis and evaluation of your strategic focus, internal processes and potential for development, based on which we recommend concrete actions tailored to your needs.

Individual Consultancy

We will stand by your side and help implement digitalisation measures. Whether developing digital tools, trading solutions, foster cultural change within your company or establishing internal digital processes, from analysis, strategic recommendations to implementation – we will support you all the way using our expert know how.

Together with our partner Axel Springer hy, who are experts in founding, tech analysis, investor management and transformation we offer the following additional consulting packages:

Executive Briefing

Delve into the digital world with us and receive exclusive insights on the digital innovation surrounding Kloeckner & Co. Get access to best practice corporate and start up case studies as well as exclusive presentations. Discussion rounds with experts of the digital economy will answer your questions and provide valuable insights.

Digital Learning Journey

How are disruptive, innovative ideas generated and what could a cooperation with a start-up look like? How did Kloeckner manage to successfully digitalise its business? What role did platform solutions play? These questions and more will be answered in an intensive 1,5 day workshop with kloeckner.i and hy digital experts and other start up founders. A networking event introducing you to the Berlin digital scene will round off your personal learning journey.

Cultural Transformation Briefing

Get your employees up to speed with your digitalisation efforts. Discover what it means to introduce a digital mindset as a cultural trend within your organisation. A one-day workshop highlighting Kloeckner & Co examples will help explain how to foster a fresh mentality across the board. Presentations and best practice case studies will make your internal development a success.

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