08:05 Mailing

The idea behind the 08:05 mail comes from our US colleague Ryan LaFoillete. He noticed that his daughter was at her computer every morning at the same time. She was waiting on an email from a “daily deal” provider that notified her of limited-time offers.

LaFoillete was intrigued and decided to test the concept with steel products available at his location. He applied it to remainder and slow-moving items. The idea caught on and his success story spread quickly throughout the Group.

kloeckner.i picked up on the idea and developed on a scalable platform a standardized email marketing program throughout the group. On a weekly basis, this tool keeps thousands of customers notified about our products and special offers.

Our customers and our branch offices benefit from the new digital solution. The customers are always kept up to date on special offers that might interest them, while our branches can both increase sales and optimize inventory levels.